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Improved Air Quality With HVAC UV Lights


Cold and flu season has arrived in Palm Beach County, which makes this a great time to look into improving your home’s indoor air quality. Inside your house, germs and lung irritants can be recirculated via the air duct and ventilation systems. If your home is well insulated, that’s great for energy efficiency, but it can contribute to the problem by keeping the bad air in. That’s why air filters and ventilation systems are so important. There are also some new tools on the market to improve your air quality – UV (ultraviolet) lights.

Yes, you have an air filter in your home-comfort system (and hopefully you replace it when it gets dirty, as part of routine preventive maintenance), but the filter alone can’t remove all harmful pollutants from the air. Filters trap airborne particles to make your air cleaner, but to help suppress the spread of allergy- and illness-causing bacteria, germicidal UV lights are now available.

UV lighting makes an excellent add-on to existing home heating, cooling and air cleaning systems, while some of the latest air purifiers include germicidal bulbs, in addition to the air filter. The UV light is able to deactivate microorganisms and mold, slowing their development. Meanwhile, the air filter works to remove harmful particles and dust from your home’s indoor air.

In addition, the UV bulbs help to keep your home comfort equipment in good shape – protecting it from fungi and organisms that may grow on the inner components. This will extend the life of your air conditioner and ventilation system as well as improving its performance.

UV bulbs emit light from the C portion of the spectrum, distinct from the UVA and B rays of sunlight that can lead to sunburned skin and cancer. UVC lights have been in use for years in laboratories and hospital facilities to help control the spread of contagious bacteria, mold and viruses.

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