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5 Advantages for Using a Ductless Mini Split in Your New Addition

An addition to your South Florida home can add value while extending your living space. When it comes to providing conditioned air to your new room, your choices are to tie in to your existing system by extending your ductwork or installing a stand alone unit such as a ductless mini split. Here are five reasons why the mini split is to your advantage.

  • Zone control – Because each indoor air handler is individually controlled, zoning is instantly achieved. This provides greater control over where you spend your energy dollars. As many as four air handlers may be connected to one outdoor condensing unit.
  • Ease of installation – This type of system consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit, easily connected by a three- or four-inch hole in the exterior wall to run lines, cables and wires. Most models allow the outdoor unit to be located as far as 50 feet away from the indoor component, allowing for greater flexibility in placement.
  • Energy efficiency – Leaks or cracks in ductwork systems can account for a significant loss of conditioned air, as can ductwork that is run through an unconditioned space. Because mini splits have no ducts, the average loss of air is 5 percent or less versus up to 40 percent from a forced-air system.
  • Cost – Savings may be realized in several ways: increased efficiency, no ductwork installation and controlled usage with independent thermostats for each unit.
  • Safety by design – The sleek narrow build of the indoor unit cuts down on space requirements and allows for options such as a wall or ceiling mount. With only a small hole required for connection, a ductless mini split is a much safer option than a window mounted unit, which can provide access for intruders.

If you’re considering using a ductless mini split for your new addition, call the experts at Robert R. McGill Air Conditioning, for the best in sales, installation and service.  We are a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor and can service all brands of mini-split systems.